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Connecting Sybmian mobile to Internet through Computer

Yeap, its true that you can connect your symbian 60 mobile to internet via your broadband internet connection of your computer. It is made possible by a USB Bluetooth adapter, a router and a small symbian software which connects your computer to the internet. The router I am talking about is mRouter You just need […]

Deleting saved passwords in Internet Explorer

Mistakenly I pressed yes button in public computer when it asked me to save password for the current user or not. I almost panicked, because I had all the data and information hidden only by that password. Then I bravely clicked on Tools menu of Internet explorer and I finally reset all the saved passwords. […]

About DDos Attack

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service): A DDoS attack is one that pits many machines against a single victim. An example is the attacks of February 2000 against some of the biggest websites. Even though these websites have a theoretical bandwidth of a gigabit/second, distributing many agents throughout the Internet flooding them with traffic can bring […]

Nokia 5800 Tube Express Media

The Nokia Tube will feature a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, 3.2-inch touchscreen display with 16 Million colors which ok is a little smaller than the iPhone but still good, there will be quad-band (850/900/1800/1900Mhz) GSM/EDGE radio with 3G UMTS/HSDPA, TV-out port, Bluetooth 2.0, GPS and the what everyone wants on their mobile phones WiFi, […]


What is it???AMVO.exe is a trojan/backdoorSymptoms:Folder Option is not working – you cannot enable the Folder Option or show the hidden files running into you computer.Hidden file problemAlways open new windows in all drivesError occur of the memory referenceHere are the steps for removing it manually 1. Uncheck amvo.exe from msconfig>> startup (type msconfig in […]

Nokia Tube – an iphone killer

Nokia has come up with a new phone (presumably) to tackle the threat of iphone… its called the Nokia TUBE… the various features of Nokia TUBE are.. –>>quadband phone –>>3G enabled..massive advantage ahead of iphone.. –>>16:9 touch interface.. –>>integrated GPS with geotagging facility –>>may be not finger touch… seems like a stylus touch..Nokia Tube, the […]

Free Airtel GPRS

Using TeaShark on mobile, you can access FREE Airtel GPRS from mobile handset. Also using some more complex methods, as posted in comments you can access FREE Airtel GPRS via PC also.See another post of mine regarding Teashark , and also to download teashark. you will it at mobile hacking labels, written as your rightside […]

Expandable post in blogger

This is now pretty old tweak,  but with this hack, you can choose to display a select amount of text from the beginning of each post as a teaser instead of showing the entire post on the front page of your blog. Then when people want to read the rest of the post, they can […]

Using Google as free online dictionary

Problems finding good online dictionary website? Hmm. I think you must not forget Google. Google recently added a new feature that allow you to use google to find the meaning of any word. Google now does definitions. Preface your search term with “define:” and google will display appropriate definitions from multiple different sources. Below I […]