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Palm Treo Pro review by Ryan

The Treo Pro is Palm’s second new device of 2008. The Treo Pro brings something to Palm’s lineup that has been sorely needed in recent times, a dramatically refreshed smartphone that delivers a modern new look with the features to match. It further enhances its profile with a pleasant amount of innovative new features packed […]

34 Government websites hacked in Nepal

Today I read on local newspaper with the above title. It says that all the previous contents of the website is no more in backup. Whole server has been damaged. The authorized engineer claimed that the server was actually down because of lack of power. Due to some technical problem in server all the backup […]

New NOD32 Activation Keys and Username/passwords

My earlier post with ESET NOD32 is expired, I think. Now here I am updating New username and passwords for NOD32 and Also few activation codes if you need it.Username/Password that could be used directly with NOD32Usernames PasswordsEAV-05107649 cp8san4tra EAV-05107636 bskt65jresEAV-05107637 nxtx5vhw67EAV-05106553 7fkb8×22jaEAV-05446674 dk2tcaevaw EAV-05446627 dt6hes6eb3EAV-05210760 7jejnc77×3EAV-05446122 hnrbwr5nntEAV-05445989 8wftu3h8mpEAV-05445433 28apw5meh3EAV-05445417 dhdp2wseeaEAV-05445256 evejt22ewtEAV-05444949 vxh7hmbmsdEAV-05445732 xb873unkk6Activation codesM223-0200-039K-5EJY-00UE-OHZ2M224-0200-03NR-XQOI-W1QU-SUB5M224-0200-03NR-ZSNR-10Y9-7DNJM224-0200-03NS-0COD-V00D-AJJCM224-0200-03NS-4NV9-E1JT-FGSGM224-0200-03NS-GS8T-Q1AS-CAOEM224-0200-03NS-ISF0-N1T7-GNHHM224-0200-03NS-MUMR-H08T-BS6NM224-0200-03NS-N9OA-31XI-FWNSM224-0200-03NS-PQK5-J0QJ-SLFGM224-0200-03NS-R3IJ-V0LG-GSUMM224-0200-03NS-UME9-T0AF-U6ZRM224-0200-03NS-VHX0-W1M2-RCR7M224-0200-03NT-48HC-A0H2-2CL3M224-0200-03NT-6EAF-11GH-T62IM224-0200-03NT-7BB8-W0I8-8KPPM224-0200-03NT-A2ZB-51YP-Q5BQM224-0200-03NT-BI08-C00B-QFFWM224-0200-03NT-CFYM-U1MJ-WRCZM224-0200-03NT-E3E5-Y0VR-Z4F7M224-0200-03NT-FUI8-O068-V78G […]

How to Increase laptop battery life

Every year laptops are getting faster, better and lighter. But one thing that is far behind is the battery life, which has stayed roughly the same for the last couple of years, but the battery is not ot blame for this, it is the laptop. Even though companies such as Intel release new processors that […]

Nokia E71 Review by

Have you wondered if this could replace your work Windows Mobile device or Blackberry?. My impressions (both good and bad) after the break. Let me start off first by saying that I love this thing. While Mark is quite fond of camera/media features (as he blogs/vlogs much more than I do), I appreciate the business […]