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Controlling the RC car using Visual Basic 6

I am back again with my next post. This post is about controlling the RC car using the Visual Basic 6. There are also several programs that you can control RC car with but I have chosen Visual Basic because I am little bit de javu in Visual Basic. If you are directly linked to […]

Hacking a RC car and controlling it with computer

I hope you got much concept about parallel port interfacing. Now lets get more complex.What do you think about controlling a Vehicle using your keyboard? or mouse?Today I am going to teach you step by step procedure to control a RC car using parallel port.Things you’ll need: RC car(Better if you buy Multi functional car)Circuit […]

Visual Basic Tutorial continued…

More About EventsThe Form has more events besides the Form_Load event.How can you find them? Click on the Drop-Down List that found in the upper left corner ofthe Code Window, where appears right now the text “Form” You will see a list of the components that found in your program.You have 1 command button with […]

Visual Basic tutorial

Learning about EventsVisual Basic is “Event Driven” language.What does it mean? Everything that happening, launch an event.You’ve moved the mouse? The “MouseMove” event has been launched.You’ve pressed a key? The “KeyPress” event has been launched. You can program the events.When the mouse moves, you can change the Form’s color (for example),and when a key is […]