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Posting HTML codes without rendering

While I was writing for Adding social bookmarking options in Blogspot, I came across this peculiar problem. Whatever HTML code I would write in my post would get rendered and wont show as it is. First I tried tag, but failed. Finally i came across an easy solution. Here it goes, hope this will also […]

Adding social Bookmark in Blogspot

Want to put Social Bookmark like that in my blog? Copy these codes directly wherever you like. Add new page elements (HTML/JAVASCRIPT) through Layout, and paste the code given below. <!– Social Bookmarking Icons Start –><style type=’text/css’>.bookmark img { border: 0;padding:0px; }.bookmark a:hover {position: relative;top: 1px;left: 1px; }</style><span class=’bookmark’><table align=’left’ border=’0′ cellpadding=’0′ width=’100%’><tr><td style=’vertical-align:middle’ valign=’middle’ […]

Launching QuickTime from a Text Link -FileextensionQTL

Sometimes it’s inconvenient to use a poster movie to launch QuickTime Player. It involves another production step for one thing, and the viewer needs to have QuickTime installed just to see the poster. Starting with QuickTime 5, it’s possible to launch QuickTime Player directly from a text link. And this is made possible by Apple’s […]

Apple Mac mini review

Is the £649 Mac mini a wise buy? The Mac mini has had such a low profile of late that many pundits predicted it would be discontinued rather than updated, with the folks from Cupertino concentrating on the mighty iMac as an entry-level computer. Instead Apple gave the Mac mini range an overhaul, with faster […]

Downloading any music/video from IMEEM

Yesterday my friend asked me to download a song. I searched for each and every site in google but unable to find any good one. Finally I applied my own old method,i.e. downloading from is the music community portal. You can find any music and video you want. You don’t need to buy to […]

Samsung Omnia review by Engadget

Samsung Omnia is now available in my country. I searched a review about the Omnia over internet and Engadgets comes with good review.No longer does Windows Mobile alone a capable smartphone make. The platform’s core is as relevant, powerful, and well-supported as ever, but that’s not the problem — the real issue is that it’s […]