Archive for October, 2009 Redifining the blog earning

There are many PTR now in this world. I found many interesting PTR which pay us for the review that we post in our blog or website but telling you the truth, I never got any respect from them. And finally now, a PTR site called welcomed me to join them, which give us […]

Hacking other’s google adsense account

Few days back, my friend’s google adsense got hacked by unknown person. Needless to say that he never reached those phishing sites, neither he gave his secondary email’s password to other. How was his password hacked? When I tried solving his problem. I asked help for google, by clicking on “can’t access my account” link. […]

A trick to speed up your Opera browser

This Post is specially for opera lovers, Though i am not opera lover, but I believe opera is one of the fastest browser in this web world. Just follow the simple steps to speed up your opera Desktop Browser : 1. Open your Opera, Hit Tools menu -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Network. 2. Select […]

Download files easily from Megaupload: bypassing those Captcha and Timer

If you are a normal use then if you are downloading files from Megaupload you have to pass through two “protections”. The first is a captcha while the second is a countdown timer. This means that users need to enter a captcha code whenever they want to download a file from the file hosting website. […]

A youtube trick

You may notice just under the lower right coner of the video window, some videos have an option to “Watch In High Quality”. By default, these videos will play as a 320×240 FLV file at 320Kb/s. Check out this sample: The user could click on this link to “Watch in High Quality” which will […]

How to run automatic chkdsk using a batch file

If you have a lot of partitions and you want to run checkdisk on all of them, instead of doing it individually for each drive, you can use this batch file. Copy and paste the following code into a notepad and save the file with a .bat extension.Eg. “checkdisk.bat” 1. When saving the file, use […]

Goodbye Geocities!

She taught me what the internet was. She taught me how files can be stored in the internet. She made me feel special about having my own personal homepage. She was the first with whom I joined the world of internet. Now she is gone, 🙁 She won’t be with me any more. After serving […]

Useful Plugins and add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

Here are some useful add-ons for your Mozilla Firefox. 1.)Adblock Plus Showcase Bookmark Synchronizer Extended Cookie Manager5.)CustomizeGoogle Enhance Google search results by adding or removing informationAutomatically synchronize multiple computers6.)Fullerscreen Truly full screen 7.)GButts Display all of your Google Services as buttons8.)GMail Manager SiteAdvisor Firefox! […]

How to resize java games and play it in fullscreen on your cell.

You may be wondering, how to play those java games which are either very big or small for your mobile phone’s screen resolution. We happily present you a simple hack and tweak to re-size according to your cell screen resolution. Say you have downloaded pinball.jar in your computer. Now all you have to do is […]