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Creating PDF Files using Google Docs

There are plenty of Softwares and services available now a days which enables you to create the PDF documents. But something you may have missed is Google Docs. It is free on-line service that would help you create a PDF file.If you have an internet connection and access to “Google docs” online, you can create […]

The Oldest Domain Names that are still on

Here is the amazing list of .COM hosted domain names that was recently renewed. Create Date   Domain Name 03/15/1985   SYMBOLICS.COM 04/24/1985   BBN.COM 05/24/1985   THINK.COM 07/11/1985   MCC.COM 09/30/1985   DEC.COM 11/07/1985   NORTHROP.COM 01/09/1986   XEROX.COM 01/17/1986   SRI.COM 03/03/1986   HP.COM 03/05/1986   BELLCORE.COM 03/19/1986   IBM.COM 03/19/1986   SUN.COM […]

Some must have Google Chrome extensions for web surfers

Google hasn’t officially released their own repository to download the Google Chrome plug-ins. However, third-party sites such as Chrome Extensions have a large library of extensions and plugins ready for you to download. Many of the extensions they provide are pointless, however there few extensions that can make your Chrome browsing experience a bit more […]

10 Best Torrent portal

You may be always searching for the best. There are plenty of alternatives for those BitTorrent users who are looking for the latest software, games, or movie release.Below I provide a random list of public torrent sites that are still open, but there are of course hundreds more sites I could have included. 1. KickassTorrents […]

Convert your USB Flash drive to RAM for the better Performance

Your computer might me responding slow. You might not even have minimum requirements to run your OS. Your PC may be performing slower but you don’t want to loose the current OS and use older supported version. You don’t have budget to upgrade your system, especially your RAM. You might also be searching for better […]

Tune up your XP to Linux Desktop

Many of us may love Visual Styles of Ubuntu but not the system may be because you are a gamer or you run some program that is only for Windows. Then you leave Ubuntu for your game that supports only windows. Ubuntu Desktop Well, let me introduce a common tool for you, Ubuntu Transformation Pack. […]

"Blogger Blogspot Shutting Down"

Who might have imagined that Geocities will shutdown. You never know what will happen tomorrow. Blogger created hundreds of thousands of bloggers in this world. Blogger is the beginner’s platform for blogging. WordPress is regarded better than Blogger. But if is shutting down then that will be the great loss in the history of […]

Better Image Uploading in Blogger

Google keeps testing and tweaking their application. May it be youtube or webmaster tools, Gmail or Google Reader the Google Team is always trying to make their tools more friendly and more fantastic. Google’s popular application, Blogger is now testing more advanced image posting feature for their blog users. One can see on test widgets […]

The websie that was hacked more than 2 million times

The website of China’s defense ministry has been hacked more than two million times since it was launched three months ago. From the very first day the national defense ministry website went online, it has been receiving a large number of uninterrupted access. “In the first month of operations there were more than 2.3 million […]