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6 ways to get real 3D experience at your home

It’s time for some 3D action from the comfort of your home. 3D cinema may have been around for more than a century (yeah, really!), but it’s only now that it ventures in our homes in a way that’s relatively affordable and easy way to digest. And it’s not just movies – can you imagine […]

Control your PC using GSM mobile

This time something different but related to mobile phone. Sometimes you may think that you can control your PC with your mobile phone. This is a simple example to control your PC with your mobile phone. Actually, I did this for my college project. I dreamed to control my PC like shutting down, sending mails, […]

Google goes environment friendly

Climate change continues to be one of the biggest, most challenging problems our planet faces, and we know that a sustained global effort is needed if we’re going to have any hope of reversing its effects.As the leaders from around the world meet in Copenhagen to address global climate change this month, Google thought it […]

Google & Facebook launches URL shortner: &

Google has just launched, the official Google URL shortener of the world’s largest search engine. The Google Toolbar and the FeedBurner syndication service now utilize for link sharing. People share a lot of links online. This is particularly true as microblogging services such as Twitter have grown in popularity. If you’re not familiar […]

Recent posts by Category or Labels in Blogger

To beautify my blog I thought of having most recent posts by the specific category. I first tried this widget by inTechgrity. I was impressed by it, but I was having problem with it. Since I wanted to call the Javascript more than once for multiple widget they published a known issue, that is we […]

Starting with Photography- Some basic tips

I started my blog with tips and tricks about technology. My blog is now 3 year old and I am adding something new content in my blog. And that content is what I am keen about, Photography. Photography always attracted me. I neither have high tech Cameras nor I am a Professional or trained photographer, […]

Running Java Programs in your Palm OS

Most of the Palm OS devices doesn’t supports Java Programs to be executed. But I have a good news for them. Java Virtual Machine Micro Environment by IBM WebSphere is the program that allows your Palm OS to run Java applications easily as you do in other Java Supported Cell phones. After all Palm is […]

Buying a domain name and make profit by selling it

We all might know about the profits that they make from Foreign Exchange, Oil exchange, Metal exchange and other commodity exchange. But what we can start is web domain exchange. There are thousands of people who are registering their own domain names, but the problem strikes there way, for example read this: I’d like to […]

Facebook Removing Regional networks completely

Facebook now have crossed more than 350 million people around the world who shares their lives online. In an Open Letter from Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg, he declared to remove regional networks completely. Previously several communities could add networks for companies and regions as well and they even have networks for some entire countries, like […]