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15 awesome jquery based content slidesow/glider for your blog/website

Here I’ve collected 15 awesome jquery based content glider for your blog which not only looks cool but also loads faster than ever. 1. Lightbox JS What it does: Click on an image and it expands the picture to its regular size with a grey overlay shading the content behind it. A great way to […]

Creating and animating gears in Maya

This tutorial will show you how to animate gear motion relative to motion of the other.I am going to show you two ways to do it.First of all lets make a model of two gears.Create a polygon cylinder with cap segments to 0 and Height = 0.3Then select every second face.And then extrude those faces; […]

Everest Software Review 2010

Everest Software empowers companies to view and manage every function of their business more effectively. The company’s fully integrated business management software, Everest, addresses the unique needs of growing small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the wholesale/distribution and retail industries by allowing them to quickly manage and track their business online and offline; from the […]