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Enter Unicode characters in MySQL

PHP 5 and MySQL 4.1 supports UTF-8 natively (without special compilation options) . However one must take care if the data is stored properly and can be viewed properly. In this tutorial, I am going to guide you to input unicode characters and fetch it out in MySQL 4.1+ version using PHP 5. MySQL has […]

Accessing Hotmail/Yahoo or any other mail from Gmail Account

This tutorial might be very useful if you are a traveler and have more than one account in different domain servers. Signing out and signing in again consumes your valuable time. However, you may have the habit of collecting all the mails from different servers at one place using Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, or other […]

Exporting command prompt results in text files

When you input a command in Command Prompt, the output is displayed just below the input in the command prompt window. This is the fact that we all know about. But for some commands, the output can be several pages long, causing you to scroll to view all of the output and harder to find […]

Google’s Instant result about FIFA World Cup

Google has always been mysterious. In this Football Festival, Google supports instant result about FIFA world cup results, highlights and time schedule in your local time. When you search for “FIFA World Cup “ (without quotes) in Google, it will instantly list the results with systematic table about the previous match and upcomming match, along […]

Blogger Template Designer Finally Out of Beta

Finally, Blogger released Template designer tool out from blogger in draft. Previously user need to login in through blogger in draft to utilize this tool. However it was still in beta mode. Today Blogger now finally released it to stability. User’s will be welcomed with popup message about the New Template Designer. When you click […]

Creating awesome jQuery menu for your website or blog

Interactive animations makes your website much user friendly and enjoyable. Previously flash used to be the only means of animated interactive contents. Now with release of AJAX and minimized javascript library, JQuery, we are able to create interactive pages without the need of flash. This time, I am here to present you the jQuery technique […]