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How to make accordion tab style in blogspot blog

What is accordion tab in blogger? How to make accordion tab style in blogspot blog? If you don’t know what accordion tab, Just look at below images or see the sample at this blog right sidebar and you’ll see what accordion tab view is. Wanna have tabs like in my blog? All you have to […]

InfoLinks Beats Out Kontera

In-text advertising is being popular nowadays, as it is key for getting lots of Click Through Rates in your website or blog. I use to have kontera as one of the agent. But I was not satisfied with Kontera. So anyway, I added Infolinks and just let it do its thing. After 2 weeks running […]

Posting HTML codes without rendering

While I was writing for Adding social bookmarking options in Blogspot, I came across this peculiar problem. Whatever HTML code I would write in my post would get rendered and wont show as it is. First I tried tag, but failed. Finally i came across an easy solution. Here it goes, hope this will also […]

Adding social Bookmark in Blogspot

Want to put Social Bookmark like that in my blog? Copy these codes directly wherever you like. Add new page elements (HTML/JAVASCRIPT) through Layout, and paste the code given below. <!– Social Bookmarking Icons Start –><style type=’text/css’>.bookmark img { border: 0;padding:0px; }.bookmark a:hover {position: relative;top: 1px;left: 1px; }</style><span class=’bookmark’><table align=’left’ border=’0′ cellpadding=’0′ width=’100%’><tr><td style=’vertical-align:middle’ valign=’middle’ […]

How to use Google as proxy browser

Many jobs and schools (countries?) block access to certain sites. However, it is very difficult for anybody to block access to google. By using google with either of these two methods, you can gain access to blocked sites very easily.Blocked web site, huh? Need a proxy?I am not a big fan of chasing free, open […]

Tuning Firefox

Firefox is by far my favorite web browser but what many people ignore is the power you actually have over it. So let me show you a simple example: want your source viewer to be a bit more original, whip out you favorite text editor and check out “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\res\viewsource.css” Firefox uses a pretty […]