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Increasing your Graphics Card’s GPU Memory

You may be searching for this tools since years ago… Many times we used to stuck up with a system that just doesn’t provide enough requirements to run the latest game… Anything that is stopping you to play those PC games as reviewed on Gamespot and IGN is because of the graphic requirement. But don’t […]

Google started paying me for my page impression

Since last week, I shifted to new Google Adsense account. I was amazed to see the revenue I started to earn even for few hundred impressions. In my previous old account, there weren’t any sign of revenue even for 500 page impressions.    I don’t find any other changes in adsense. I don’t know the exact […]

Manually removing any kind of viruses

Read this tutorial if u want to remove a virus not detected by antivirus software or if u want to be an amateur malware researcher. The tutorial may not be that good, i hadn’t much time to go in more details. Process: Start->Run->type cmd In each drive type attrib /s /d it will display the […]

MasterSeek- Good Search Engine

Take this job and join masterseeks uniquiness and start telling your business partners of the product today. Write minimum 50 words of this new internet site and put the link to masterseek on your blog. Masterseek’s global search engine provides quick and free access to company profiles, contact information, and descriptions of products and services […]

Remove Stored username and Passwords

To remove the Stored User Names and Passwords from your system, try this:Click Start, Run and type Control keymgr.dllRemove the entries from the list.The other ways to access this dialog are:Type Control Userpasswords2 in RUN box, click Advanced, Manage Passwords-or-From Control Panel, select your User Account, click Manage your network passwords It Works