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Buying a domain name and make profit by selling it

We all might know about the profits that they make from Foreign Exchange, Oil exchange, Metal exchange and other commodity exchange. But what we can start is web domain exchange. There are thousands of people who are registering their own domain names, but the problem strikes there way, for example read this: I’d like to […]

The Pirate Bay tracker is shutting down

Today marks the end of an era, as The Pirate Bay team announces that the world’s largest BitTorrent tracker is shutting down for good. Although the site will remain operational for now, millions of BitTorrent users will lose the use of its tracker and will instead have to rely on DHT and alternative trackers to […] Redifining the blog earning

There are many PTR now in this world. I found many interesting PTR which pay us for the review that we post in our blog or website but telling you the truth, I never got any respect from them. And finally now, a PTR site called welcomed me to join them, which give us […]

Goodbye Geocities!

She taught me what the internet was. She taught me how files can be stored in the internet. She made me feel special about having my own personal homepage. She was the first with whom I joined the world of internet. Now she is gone, 🙁 She won’t be with me any more. After serving […]

Add high paying ads in your website or blog

Just good placement of ads and SEO optomization is not enough to increase your adsense revenue. You must also have good and high paying advertisements offered in your website or blog. To have high paying ads you must have high paying keywords. First you must remove the low paying adsense ads. To remove the low […]

Top 5 Free Web Hosts

Free web hosting services are gaining wider popularity with  individuals and small scale businesses looking to introduce their services on web. For those looking to establish new internet business, it’s a great way to start with free web hosting. The web hosting services provide all the essential tools for designing and creating the web pages. […]

Is your website hacked? Removing virus from your website

Have your website ever been redirected to antivirus scanning website? Or Google marks your site as venerable site? Few weeks ago, my website got infected with this redirection problem. I was promptly redirected to antivirsu scanning website when I visited my site. I checked out my index.php for any velenarbilities but I found nothing. I […]

Install Flash player in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is yet another awesome browser in the history of internet. Yesterday I was checking back my infant websites. One of them was my flash based website. When I tried opening that website, nothing appeared on the site except blank page. I researched a bit about the problem. Then I found out that, Google […]

Download Free Proxies

In computer networks, a proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application program) that acts as a go-between for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. A client connects to the proxy server, requesting some service, such as a file, connection, web page, or other resource, available from a different server. […]