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Making your content load faster than design

Is your blog slow? How many javascript is being loaded to your site on each page load? Is it 4? 5? 6? or even 7? No matter how many javascript is being loaded to your site, your site will still be slow. The page will first try to load the HTML skeletons, javascript and CSS […]

Can You Hack Your Own Site? A Look at Some Essential Security Considerations

Maybe that dastardly style sheet just won’t cascade elegantly on browser X. An incomplete comment chucks out some broken mark-up. Maybe you should have persisted those database connections after all. Hey, we all overlook things in the excitement of getting our first version running – but how many of these oversights can we happily stomach, […]

Test If A Website Is Down For Everyone or Just For You

Given the amount of people that message me on IM to check if Paypal, their blog or another website is also down for me, I suspect that not every one know this little handy tool. (Not pointing fingers, I used to harass people all the time when my websites went down as well…). will […]

Live demo of CSS and jQuery based tool tips

Here is a live demo of CSS and jQuery tool tips. HOVER YOUR MOUSE OVER HERE TO VIEW HOW TOOL TIPS WORKS Hope it worked for you. If you liked it please comment about it.

Top 7 Worst Websites of Nepal- Review by Navin

This article is purely based upon my[Navin’s –] research and hereby want to clarify there is no egoism and vengeance involved. I read other hundreds of links to confirm and support my verdict on the ‘Top 7 Worst Websites in Nepal’. Anyone affiliated with the following websites should take it as a measure of […]

Expandable post in blogger

This is now pretty old tweak,  but with this hack, you can choose to display a select amount of text from the beginning of each post as a teaser instead of showing the entire post on the front page of your blog. Then when people want to read the rest of the post, they can […]

How to: visit password-protected websites without registering

We all know how annoying it is when we search Google for something and the result we are looking for leads to a password protected forum or site. You have to register to view content, but who likes doing that? Fortunately there is a solution to save your time and email account from spam – […]

How to use Google as proxy browser

Many jobs and schools (countries?) block access to certain sites. However, it is very difficult for anybody to block access to google. By using google with either of these two methods, you can gain access to blocked sites very easily.Blocked web site, huh? Need a proxy?I am not a big fan of chasing free, open […]

Downloading Mp3 files from google

I think most of the people don’t know how to download mp3 files using google. Here is a short trick to search and download mp3 songs via google search . Just thought of sharing it with you . Most of you may be familiar with this but for those who are not, here it goes. […]