Top 10 Free Software for Mac OS X

Usually, we think that anything available for free is cheap. But this not applicable for these 10 Free open source software dedicated to Mac OS X. With these free software installed in your Mac, you’ll never need to wish for any good softwares. The benefit of these software is that, it’s open source. If you Read More

Search your and friends Facebook history instantly

After successful creation of Youtube instant search engine, 20 year old Nour Syron, thought – why not Facebook instant search? Then as soon as he thought, he planned and finally created a successful version of Facebook Instant search that is amazingly impressive. Facebook Instant Search lets you search public posts, comments, pages, and events even Read More

Increase your typing speed with Google Scribe

Google Scribe is a new project from Google labs that aids your text typing experience extremely simple, fas and accurate. This new project from Google labs actually provides auto-completion/suggestions as you type along any text input field for example, twitter, comment form, composing email, web chat etc. When you begin your typing with Google Scribe enabled, your browser Read More

Download Facebook and Youtube videos without any tools

Ever charmed by a video that your friend shared, wish we could save it in our computer as we watch in the Facebook or Youtube site itself. There are many websites that provides tools to download Youtube and Facebook videos by converting the video link to download link. If you have already viewed the full Read More

Dramatically destruct your files to get assignment excuses

It’s always not possible to complete your assignment on time. Your professor will mark the dead line of the assignment submission within a week. But you don’t make yourself totally busy with assignment, do you? Except than homeworks, you need some time to play, enjoy, entertain yourself and play video games, surfing internet right? Oh! talking about video games Read More

Code and Decode Morse codes easily

You might have already heard about and seen Morse codes being used in many movies and stories. Morse code comprises of transmitting textual information as a series of on-off tones. The off and on are represented by dots and dashes, that means 0 and 1. Each roman character is a sequence of dots and dashes, Read More

Track your image file even it has been modified in Web

With the rise of image thievery, it has bee more challenging and complicated task to get rid of image thievery. Even if it is copied, you might never notice it. No matter how hard you try to secure your image contents, even there are lots of software that can easily remove your watermarks. In the Read More

World’s smallest jQuery Slideshow

The main motto of JQuery is “write less, do more”, let’s follow their motto and create a most simple JQuery based Slideshow. I will try to make this tutorial as simple as I can so that new beginners can understand it easily. Let’s create a basic HTML to gather the contents for slide first. <div Read More

The New Real Iron Man suit is now upgraded!

The new Iron Man Suit was unveiled on Monday during a demonstration with Paramount Home Entertainment. Though it’s not exactly Iron Man suits, it meets the latest technology that we have. The new robotic suit called Exoskeleton (XOS 2) is released by Raytheon Company, XOS 2 is lighter, faster and stronger than its predecessor, yet Read More

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