Make ur filename blank and invisible

First create a new folder somewhere on your hard drivewhen you name it hold down "Alt" and press "0160" this will create and invisible space so it will apper as if it has no name.then right click in and select "Properties" select the tab "coustimize" and select "change icon" scroll along and you should a few blanc spaces click on any one and click ok when you hav saved the settings the folder will be invisible to hide all your personal files

Change the Password of the administrator from user mode

Hey I discovered a new idea. It was actually mistakenly discoverted when I was doing Netstat on DOS. You can change the password of any user from your account. Below is process to do this: Open Run command from Start-->RunType Net user [username] *DOS like window will pop up type your password there and you are done...Note: remember that there is the star symbol after the username.. and avoid the brackets too... You will not see the input information while changing passwordIt works try it But do u have all the privileges of the computer. I mean not limited mode.

Installing a Ram in your Notebook

Today I found a website where a guidance to install a RAM(Random Access Memory) in Notebook was posted. For details better go to the page.Click here to go to the page

Windows Password Loophole

Its only my ideas try it out you can discover more.a. ok now, what you need to do is to run compmgmt.mscb. and click on local users and groups.c. once you've gotten here you need to open up the 'users' this point i am walking along with you and notice that there are severalmajor security holes dealing specifically with the password:1. double clicking on the any user name allows you a list that lookssomething like this:"user name"full name: -----------------------|__________________|description: -----------------------|__________________|--|_| user must change password at next logon--|_| user cannot change password--|/|...

Turn your windows desktop in to Mac

If you use the default Windows desktop, chances are that you could use a "look and feel" overhaul. Apple's OSX is widely considered to be cleaner, more intuitive, and more customizable. The following instructions will show you how to get that Mac look for your PC by installing some cool, free applications. Some of the instructions may be a tad advanced for some users, but give it a try. Remove all unused shortcuts and icons from your desktop. Chances are you don't need half of those junky shortcuts on your desktop. You have three options for them. 1: Move the ones you don't need to the Recycle Bin. 2: Create a folder on your...

Google Search Tricks and Tips

very lame now.. But many of you still dont know this so here it is for u.. a Compilation and some of them are new too..Restrictive Searches Google also has restrictive searches that allow you to limit the sites or information that you are searching for. [soccer] Will return only documents from the site with the word soccer on the page, in the title or in the anchor text that links to the page.[intitle:soccer] Will return only documents from the site with the word soccer in the title.[ipod $100..$150] Will return pages with the word IPod on the page, in the title,...

How to Delete and Undeletable File

Have you ever run into a situation where you wanted to delete a file, but Windows simply wouldn’t allow you to do it? Personally, these things happen to me all the time, especially when I was trying to delete the Autorun.inf which worked with MS32DLL.dll.vbs (a autorun virus)it said me that the program cannot be deleted or it is being used by other program. I even tried DOS to delete this even it is deleted if returned back again. So I found a better solution for this by passing through several steps. The main reason behind this is that the explorer.exe process locks files that are in use, effectively preventing you from deleting...

Top Ten Universal Passwords

These are the top ten most commonly used passwords. You would actually have a high success rate in succeeding in entry of a password protected item by attempting the following passwords:10. First name of persons account*If account is under Billy Bob. Then the password would be under Billy.9. Blink182*Is this Band even alive anymore?8. Password17. Myspace16. Monkey*I guess people like monkeys.5. Letmein*Let me in? C’mon people…4. Abc1233. Qwerty*if you look at your keyboard you can see why its number 3. There all next to each other.2. 1234561. Password*Your asking to get hacked.

Remove Stored username and Passwords

To remove the Stored User Names and Passwords from your system, try this:Click Start, Run and type Control keymgr.dllRemove the entries from the list.The other ways to access this dialog are:Type Control Userpasswords2 in RUN box, click Advanced, Manage Passwords-or-From Control Panel, select your User Account, click Manage your network passwordsIt Works