Email address shortener for Twitter and Facebook

You might have heard about URL shortener, but have you ever heard about email shortener? Leaving your email as plain text in forums, on Twitter or on other sites makes you an easy spam target. Spam robots and email harvesters constantly browse these sites to collect new victim’s emails. To get rid of public spam, Read More

Cut MP3 Files Online

There are several MP3 Splitter tools that helps you to cut your MP3 Files according to your need. Search in Google itself, you’ll find large list of such free mp3 splitter tools. But have you ever wished for such online tools that access your local files, edits your local mp3 files and splits it locally? Read More

Search your Lost manuals in Internet

How often do you read manuals and user guides before using anything. In my case, I have no patient to touch the gadget. But I bet that you’ll touch it one day to know something more about that gadget. And you’ll start to hunt for the manual, but to your surprise it will not be Read More

Google Listed 10 Most Beautiful Places in World

It is obvious to have beautiful places in every country. But Google have filtered and redefined the list of 10 World’s most beautiful Places. Google has recommended to visits these places in your vacation. Let’s see what are those 10 most beautiful places to be in your holiday. The Grand Canyon, USA Situated at the bank of Colorado river in Read More

Visit World’s First website

You use Facebook, Google and other web pages everyday. But have you ever visited world’s first website? Let’s recall the history. The main idea of World Wide Web (WWW) was proposed 2 decades ago in March 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee. It was written to persuade CERN that a global hypertext system was in CERN’s best interest. The Read More

10 Most popular articles in HackTweak

Most of the older blog posts remains hidden in HackTweak. However, there are several posts that are always active and gains most hits. This time those 10 posts will be exaggerated in this post. How to Hack Computer Using IP Address: This post contains a basic tutorial to hack and acess remote computer or server using Telnet method. How to Read More

Bad things about Internet Explorer 9 Beta

The beta version of Internet Explorer 9 was released 2 days ago in September 15 2010. There have been lots of reviews about the Internet Explorer 9. There are lots of good features added in Internet Explorer 9. The Developers Tools is very useful and the design is pleasing to eyes. But I am not Read More

Download Internet Explorer 9 Today

Internet Explorer 9 is going to release it’s beta version today (September 15, 2010). Internet explorer 9 will support some of the demanding features like, HTML5, CSS3, SVG, canvas and several other technologies. Internet Explorer have been headache for many web designers and developers because of numerous flaws and lack of standardization of code rendering. Read More

How to install Feedburner BuzzBoost in your blog or website

BuzzBoost is another service provided by Feedburner to publicize your feed contents. You can cross-promote the content of your feed in any place where you can display HTML. For example, you can display the latest headlines from your blog on your website, podcast site, or on your friend’s site. Talking towards the technical thingy, BuzzBoost Read More

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