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Make ur filename blank and invisible

First create a new folder somewhere on your hard drivewhen you name it hold down “Alt” and press “0160” this will create and invisible space so it will apper as if it has no name.then right click in and select “Properties” select the tab “coustimize” and select “change icon” scroll along and you should a […]

Change the Password of the administrator from user mode

Hey I discovered a new idea. It was actually mistakenly discoverted when I was doing Netstat on DOS. You can change the password of any user from your account. Below is process to do this: Open Run command from Start–>Run Type Net user [username] * DOS like window will pop up type your password there […]

Turn your windows desktop in to Mac

If you use the default Windows desktop, chances are that you could use a “look and feel” overhaul. Apple’s OSX is widely considered to be cleaner, more intuitive, and more customizable. The following instructions will show you how to get that Mac look for your PC by installing some cool, free applications. Some of the […]

How to Delete and Undeletable File

Have you ever run into a situation where you wanted to delete a file, but Windows simply wouldn’t allow you to do it? Personally, these things happen to me all the time, especially when I was trying to delete the Autorun.inf which worked with MS32DLL.dll.vbs (a autorun virus)it said me that the program cannot be […]

Shutdown your computer at the speed of light

Hey this is especially for teenagers. Remember that day u being caught by ur parents while watching porn sites or porn movies. Most of the people tries to hide this thing by simply plugging out the socket or turning off the monitor. But it isn’t so much effective to get rid of. Here is a […]

The Autorun.inf- New for someone old for everyone

New for someone and old for man, I just want to remind you guyz that you can easily remove the recent VB script naming MS32DLL.dll.vbs which works with the aid of autorun.inf in your harddrive. This virus is mostly transferred via USB pendrive which don’t have any write protect function.Although i recommend you to use […]

Change the Restrictions & Features

The advance cyber cafe’s in our country uses the special kind of hack on their computer so that the user cannot modify the settings of the computer. Even the display properties are disabled in such computer. If you want to make restrictions to what users can do or use on their computer without having to […]

Fun With Javascripts

Here are some funny things that you can do in your browser.Open a new browser window and browse any website if you want.Now Click at the adress bar (where you type the adress : http://www/…..) now copy and paste these codes. javascript:a=0;x=0;y=0;setInterval(“a+=.01;x=Math.cos(a*6)*7;y=Math.sin(a*7)*5;moveBy(x,y)”,2);void(0) The above code will make your browser windows move around your computer monitor.Note: […]

Some Fun with notepad

NOTEPAD “world trade centre trick“॥ :you know that the flight number of the plane that had hit WTC …on9/11 was Q33N ….Open your Notepad in ur computer and type the flightnumber i।e Q33N… Increase the Font Size to 72, Change the Font to Wingdings. U will be amazed by the findings. log trick !! make […]