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Lock your harddrive

We don’t usually prefer to lock our drives, but sometimes it becomes nesscary. Say for instance you might have stored your office documents in D:\ and you don’t want your kids to access it, or you own a cyber cafe and you don’t want user to access the specific or system drive, in such case […]

Simple Batch File Bomb

How to Make a batch fomr notpad How to build a simple .bat virus 1. ToolsTo make a batch program you will need a text program (ex. Word,notepad,wordpad etc…) A keyboard if you don’t have one you can use the ON-screen keyboardTo get to the on-screen keyboard start>all programs>accessories>accessibility 2. What makes a virus a […]

Anonomous Browser for hacker

Hackers never reveals their Identity. For instane you can see the peoples in public chat rooms. They never reveals their personal information to the people. They surf the net anonomously so that the geo-tracking will fail to track their Geographical Location.There are lots of anonomous browsers availabe on the net. Even some of the website […]

Hidden Sound Track in Windows XP

Windows XP has a hidden sound track which plays as background music during Windows XP installation process, but most people can’t hear this music because they have a sound card that does not have drivers preinstalled on XP . There are 2 ways by which you can find this hidden sound track: 1.Go to start->search.Search […]

Change the Password of the administrator from user mode

Hey I discovered a new idea. It was actually mistakenly discoverted when I was doing Netstat on DOS. You can change the password of any user from your account. Below is process to do this: Open Run command from Start–>Run Type Net user [username] * DOS like window will pop up type your password there […]

Installing a Ram in your Notebook

Today I found a website where a guidance to install a RAM(Random Access Memory) in Notebook was posted. For details better go to the page.Click here to go to the page

Windows Password Loophole

Its only my ideas try it out you can discover more. a. ok now, what you need to do is to run compmgmt.msc b. and click on local users and groups. c. once you’ve gotten here you need to open up the ‘users’ folder. at this point i am walking along with you and notice […]

Top Ten Universal Passwords

These are the top ten most commonly used passwords. You would actually have a high success rate in succeeding in entry of a password protected item by attempting the following passwords: 10. First name of persons account*If account is under Billy Bob. Then the password would be under Billy. 9. Blink182*Is this Band even alive […]