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Making Ultra Strong Password

A very good One from Irongeek.Strong Article Worth Sharin As some Microsoft Operating System geeks know, you can type many more characters than are on a standard keyboard by using the ALT+NUMPAD combination technique. For example, by holding down the ALT key, typing 234 on the number pad, then releasing ALT gives you the O […]

Access Data of a Password Protected User in Windows XP in Case the PC Fails to Boot

You may come across a situation in which your windows XP PC fails to reboot, and the most accepted solution to that problem is to re-format the Hard Disk. Before formatting, you should backup your files. If your computer is password protected, you won’t be able to access them from outside, so here is a […]

Enable the right-click on the disabled site!!!

I’ve last time posted about the music file download and access. This trick will be helpful if the site is blocking your right click. Lots of web sites have disabled the right click function of the mouse button… it’s really, really annoying. This is done so that you don’t steal (via right-click->save picture) their photos […]

Lock your harddrive

We don’t usually prefer to lock our drives, but sometimes it becomes nesscary. Say for instance you might have stored your office documents in D:\ and you don’t want your kids to access it, or you own a cyber cafe and you don’t want user to access the specific or system drive, in such case […]

Installing a Ram in your Notebook

Today I found a website where a guidance to install a RAM(Random Access Memory) in Notebook was posted. For details better go to the page.Click here to go to the page

NTC’s Free WebSMS service

I guess all of you are well known about Nepal Telecom’s Free Web SMS service.. Well Some of you know it and some of you even don’t have idea on it. Well if so then what’s this blog for? You can send Free SMS from NTC’s Website. Before this Nepalonline was playing a great role. […]