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Blogger sentenced for Leaking Guns N’ Roses

A Los Angeles blogger who leaked new Guns N’ Roses songs on the Internet before their official release on the band’s first new album in 17 years, was sentenced to two months of home confinement on Tuesday. Kevin Cogill also received one year’s probation and must appear in an anti-piracy commercial under the terms of […]

The World’s First 32 GB DDR3 Memory Module

Single 32 GB DDR3 Memory Module is the latest buzz. Samsung has unveiled the world’s first 32GB DDR3 memory module tuned for use in servers. The module operates at 1.35 volts and supports the trend in reducing power usage in data centers around the world. The RAM uses the Samsung 50nm 4Gb DDR3 chips. The […]

MIT develops camera-like fabric

This cross section shows two rings of light-sensitive semiconductor material in the fiber. The eight thicker parts are electrodes to carry signals. (Credit: Massachusetts Institute of Technology) And you thought it was a problem when folks went into the locker room toting cell phones with cameras. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed […]

Cell phone service at the top of the world

Mobile phone services will soon be available on top of Mt Everest, the world’s tallest peak. The service, which will operate on both GSM and CDMA handsets, will be introduced by Nepal Telecom (NT), Nepal’s largest telecom company. They will commence the service by mid-June this year. NT is extending its cell phone network to […]

Hack Nepal Telecom (NTC)

Once again another trick have been found for NTC. You can call it whatever tips, tricks, tweaks, HACK or loophole since this feature has not been officially launched yet. The system I am talking about is Voice mail system for GSM Pre-paid users of NT. This will allow you to send receive voice message to […]

Leaked Info on Next-Gen iPhone Posted on Chinese Forum

You know, it’s been a while since we came across some truly interesting rumors regarding the future iPhone, but it would seem that the wait is over, since new tips on the hardware upgrades of the future handheld have just been posted on a Chinese forum. However, much to our disappointment, we’re not talking about […]

Control your phone via your Citizen watch

The development of Bluetooth technology is probably one of those landmark moments in the history of science and tech, given the fact that it has brought about a major shift in the way people perceive mobile phones and has led to the appearance of an absolutely huge number of accessories that make use of it, […]

Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard

Nowadays, there’s hardly any working person without a hectic schedule and always on the go to travel. For those who are constantly traveling in official tours, portable and small devices such as cell phones and PDA’s with Internet and email features are of immense importance. Although great to have these gadgets, but at times it […]

Launching QuickTime from a Text Link -FileextensionQTL

Sometimes it’s inconvenient to use a poster movie to launch QuickTime Player. It involves another production step for one thing, and the viewer needs to have QuickTime installed just to see the poster. Starting with QuickTime 5, it’s possible to launch QuickTime Player directly from a text link. And this is made possible by Apple’s […]